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BlueOnyx is designed to host multiple virtual sites. A virtual site is an individual location on the Internet, such as or Each virtual site can have a unique set of users who can send and receive email, publish Web pages, or upload and download files through FTP. A virtual site can also provide anonymous FTP access and SSL.

Note: A virtual site can be name-based or IP-based. If there areseveral name-based virtual sites on an IP address, only one name-based virtual site can use anonymous FTP.

The server appliance can host a large number of IP-based virtual sites. The number of virtual sites depends on the amount of hard disk drive space available on the server appliance, the amount of hard disk drive space allocated for each site, the amount of traffic generated on each site and the amount and complexity of the dynamic Web content on each site (for example, CGI, PHP and others). Dynamic Web content on an individual site induces a heavier load on the server than does static content.

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