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Sub Domains

BlueOnyx > Site Management > Services > Sub Domains

Manage your sub domains within a virtual site.

  • Enable Sub Domains: Allows you to enable Sub Domains for virtual hosts.
  • Max Number of Sub Domains: The max number of sub domains that you are allowed to host.

  • Add a Sub Domain: Add a Sub Domain.
  • Host Name: Name of your new Sub Domain.
  • Domain Name: Name of your Domain.
  • Web Path: The path to the content of the subdomain. This will not automatically be deleted should you remove this entry later.
  • Root Base Directory: The path, either to the vsite's webdirectory, or the subdomain subdirectory.
  • Web Directory: The directory that holds the web content for the subdomain.
  • Sub Domain: Name of your Sub Domain.
  • Sub Domain Path: Path to your Sub Domains.
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