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Modify User

BlueOnyx > Site Management > User List > Modify User

Configure the settings in the Modify User Settings screen (Account tab).

  • Full Name: Enter the full name of the user. Please enter any characters except colons. For example, John Doe is a valid entry.
  • New Password: Enter the password to be used by the system to identify this user.
  • Maximum Allowed Disk Space: Set the disk quota of this user. This is the maximum disk space available to this user for the storage of Web pages, email messages and all other user files. The quota can not be smaller than 1 MB. The default value for new users is set in the User Template. For site-level accounts, you cannot leave the Maximum Allowed Disk Space (MB) field blank. You must enter a number in this field.
  • Site Administrator: Site administrators are users who are capable of configuring settings for a site, adding and removing users, and so on.
  • Suspended: Suspending a user will prevent that user from accessing system services associated with that account such as telnet, FTP, mail and Web access to their files. Email sent to this account will be rejected and the sender will receive an error message.
  • Remarks (optional): Enter additional information or comments about the user here.

Configure the settings in the Modify User Settings screen (Email tab).

  • Email Aliases (optional): Enter additional names that the user will receive email as. Please enter characters containing only lowercase alphanumeric characters, periods, hyphens and underscores. The default value is the lowercase first and last name of the user separated by a period. For example, john is a valid entry.
  • Email Forwarding: Enabling email forwarding causes email received in the future to be automatically forwarded to the email addresses specified. In the Email Addresses area, enter the email addresses to which you would like your email forwarded. The values entered must be valid email addresses such as To specify multiple addresses, separate the addresses with a comma, or put each address on a separate line.
  • Save Copy: Checking Save Copy saves a copy of every email received to the mailbox in addition to forwarding a copy to the email addresses specified.
  • Vacation Message: Vacation Message allows you to automatically send a custom message to everyone who sends you email. This is useful if you are unable to read your email, or want to send an automatic response message to the sender.
  • Auto Reply: Enter the message that will be sent automatically as a reply to the sender of every email you receive. Note that only one auto reply per sender, per day, will be dispatched.
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