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BlueOnyx > Site Management > User List

The User Management menu item is used to add, modify, or remove users within a virtual site. The User List is the default landing page within the BlueOnyx GUI for Site Management. Selecting the User List menu item from within Site Management brings up the Search Users and User List screens.

In the User List table, click Add to create a new user.

Users are listed with general information which includes the user's full name, username, any email aliases, whether or not the site is suspended, and various features that the user is configured with. The User List page will also display options to the right of each user:

  • Edit: this appears as a pencil image and clicking this icon will take you to the Modify User page for that user.
  • Delete: this appears as a trash bin image and clicking this icon will begin the process of permanently removing the user from the server.
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