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Virtual Site List

BlueOnyx > Site Management > Virtual Site List

The Virtual Site List is a listing of all the virtual sites (ie: websites) that are configured on the BlueOnyx server. A Server Administrator can search for virtual sites, edit the virtual site template, or add virtual sites. Only a Server Administrator can perform these functions.

Clicking the Add button will create a new virtual site, which will be added to the list.

The Search Virtual Sites dialog box allows you to search for virtual sites that match hostname, IP address or service. These functions are useful if you have a large number of virtual sites on your server appliance and you want to restrict the display to certain virtual sites.

Virtual sites are listed with general information which includes the site's full host name, IP address, server administrator that owns the site, whether or not the site is suspended, and various features that the site is configured with. The Virtual Site List page will also display 3 options to the right of each site that is configured on the server:

  • Edit: this appears as a pencil image and clicking this icon will take you to the Site Management page for that site.
  • Preview: this appears as a window image and clicking it will open a window that previews the content of the site.
  • Delete: - this appears as a trash bin image and clicking this icon will begin the process of permanently removing the site from the server.
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