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Web Deployment

BlueOnyx > Site Management > Web Deployment

J2EE Web clients are packaged in Web Application Archives (with the .war extension). The Web Deployment menu item is used to load and manage .war lists.

The .war archive usually contains JavaServer Pages software, servlets, server-side utility classes and static Web content such as HTML, images, sound files, and so on.

Tomcat is a servlet container with a JSP environment. A servlet container is a runtime shell that manages and invokes servlets on behalf of users. Currently Tomcat is configured as an out-of-process servlet container through an Apache plugin called mod_jk.

The .war deployment usually involves deploying the servlets, Java server pages under Tomcat and then registering the relevant URLs with Tomcat and Apache. Once deployed, Apache forwards all requests for the registered servlets and JSP pages to the Tomcat engine.

Advanced users are advised to refer to documentation of Apache, Tomcat and mod_jk.

Selecting the Web Deployment menu item brings up the Web Archive (.war) Lists screen. Click on “Add” to add a new web archive.

The Web Archive (.war) list will contain this information:

  • Name: This is the filename of the installed Web Archive (.war).
  • Location: This is the site web subdirectory in which the Web Archive (.war) is installed.
  • Action: Click the Remove icon to uninstall the web archive by recursively deleting the install directory.
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