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Server Desktop

Server Management > Maintenance > Server Desktop

This page allows you to configure how the GUI will be accessible. You can force it to be accessible only by HTTPS or only HTTP. By default it is accessible both ways.

You can also tick the checkbox for “Redirect to server-name” if all accesses to the GUI via Vsite URL's such as “http(s):vsite/login” should get redirected to “http(s):name-of-server/login” instead. But please note: Do NOT tick this checkbox unless you have working DNS records (especially an A Record) for the fully qualified domain name of the server itself.

Additionally a server administrator may lock the BlueOnyx GUI to prevent modification of server configuration parameters. This option gives the ability to make the administrative user interface (Server Desktop) read-only.

Sidenote for ISP's: If you want to set up a BlueOnyx in “Demo” mode (which disables *all* administrative functions of the GUI), then create an empty /etc/DEMO file. Once that file is present, Vsite, Users, DNS records and such cannot be created, modified or deleted. It is also impossible to use the GUI to change passwords or any security related or administration related parameters or settings. The only setting that still *can* be changed is/are the language settings of the logged in account. That's useful if you want to setup a BlueOnyx as demo server for potential clients.

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