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Support Request

BlueOnyx > Software Updates > Support > Support Request

Allows you to file a support request with or (optionally) your ISP.


Uses information from the BlueOnyx server's configured Support Settings. Priority/Severity


Choose the recipient for the support request, either your ISP or Team BlueOnyx. BlueOnyx contact information is hard-coded into the BlueOnyx GUI and cannot be changed. ISP contact information can be configured in the Support Settings “ISP Details” tab.

Support Request
  • Ticket Subject: A descriptive subject that briefly describes your request for support.
  • Ticket Number: If you have open tickets with BlueOnyx Support, the ticket numbers of these tickets will be shown here (newest to oldest). You can then choose to append this new ticket to an existing one. Or you can choose New Ticket to create a new ticket (which is the default).
  • Server Model: Shows the model of the server and the build version.
  • Priority: Priority is used to describe the order in which an issue should be addressed.
  • Severity: Severity is used to describe the impact that the problem has on the person who reports the problem. Example: Email server down. For one who uses the box only for email this is certainly a bigger issue than for one who only uses it as webserver.
  • Ticket URL: If your support request is related to a particular URL, then please include it here.
  • Include SOS-Report: Allows you to include the SOS-Report in your bugreport. In this case the external URL to the SOS-Report will be included in the bugreport email, so that the BlueOnyx developers can access it. You hereby grant your permission for to access the SOS-Report for troubleshooting.
  • Allow Access: Please read carefully: When you submit a ticket with this checkbox ticked, then a special System-Administrator account (Usually 'alter-admin') will be created. That account will have a random password set, which will be included in the Support Request. Additionally, the public PEM certificate of this account will be attached to this Support Request along with the information about the server hostname, IP-Address, and the port that SSH runs on. By ticking this checkbox you grant technicians permission to login to your server for diagnostics an to carry out the work that you specified in your support request. If costs arise out of the work of technicians, then a price quotation will be presented to you before the paid work is initiated. Paid work will only be carried out with your consent.
  • Description: Please enter a detailed description of your support request. Also please include any other information which might be of relevance or any error message that you did encounter. Please be specific and please be detailed about the work that you want us to carry out on your server. Please note: If charges apply for the work you request, then we will provide you with a price quotation before any paid work is being carried out.
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