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Sub Domains

Server Management > Network Services > Sub Domains

This page allows the server administrator to create the default settings for allowing virtual site administrators to create subdomains.

A subdomain is used to create an a “sub-site” on an existing virtual site. A subdomain shares quota and ownership permissions with the virtual site under which it is created. Subdomains are available using a hostname that is different than the primary or alias hostnames of a virtual site.

For example, if you have a site using hostname www and domain, your site is In most cases you will also have configured an alias on that site for just the domain ( Now let's say you want to configure new content that will be available via a different hostname that contains different content than the main virtual site. You can configure a subdomain for this purpose.

Default Settings for inital config

Enable Sub Domains

Allows you to enable Sub Domains for virtual hosts

Default number of Sub Domains

Allows you to create a baseline of the default each site can create

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