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Server Management > Network Services > MySQL

The MySQL configuration page is where MySQL related settings are manipulated so that applications can communicate with MySQL. The page is broken into three configuration tabs: Server, Change Password and SQL DB Dump


Enable MySQL Server

Click to enable MySQL Server

MySQL Host

Host on which the MySQL server is located. Needs to be specified so that applications can connect to MySQL. By default this should be 'localhost'.

MySQL Port

TCP/IP port on which MySQL is reachable on the specified host. By default this should be '3306'.

MySQL Status

Shows the status of your MySQL connection and if it is possible to connect to the MySQL server with the login details that you specified above.

Change Password

The password for the MySQL server can be changed here. Note that it is necessary to first enter the outgoing MySQL password.


Last Backed Up

Look at when the backup last happened

File Size

The size of your MySQL dump file

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