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Apache Tomcat is an open source software implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. The homepage for Tomcat is Developers or site administrators who wish to deploy Java applications on the BlueOnyx server may use the Tomcat configuration page to configure and manage the Tomcat server.

Password: To login to the administrative backend of Tomcat you need to login as user 'admin' with the password specified here. This password can (and should!) be different from the server password.

By default, Tomcat service is stopped. Tomcat will only start on the BlueOnyx server so long as (a) it has been configured on this page and (b) Tomcat is enabled on at least one configured Virtual Site on the BlueOnyx server.

If Tomcat service is running, Tomcat's native management pages can be accessed using the appropriate pop-out buttons that will open the selected page in a new browser tab or window. The Tomcat management pages include:

  • Tomcat Manager Status
  • Tomcat Manager Interface
  • Tomcat Host Manager Interface

Note that most Tomcat configuration will be completed using Tomcat's native management pages.

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