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DNS Primary Service Management

Server Management > Network Services > DNS > Edit Primary Services

Manage DNS records for domains and networks that this server is registered to serve. Primary DNS service is also called Master DNS service. A primary DNS server maintains a list of name records and their associated IP addresses. This list is made available to other DNS servers if your domain is registered with your country-specific domain-naming organization.

To set up the primary DNS server on the server appliance, you need to use the “Add Record…” pulldown menu to configure the following DNS records:

  • Forward Address (A) record
  • Reverse Address (PTR) record
  • Mail Server (MX) record
  • Alias (CNAME) record
  • Subdomain Delegation
  • Subnet Delegation

If there are no records defined, there are no authority selection options available. If there are records defined, the “Select Domain…” menu is available at the top of the screen. There are also two buttons available at the top of the Primary Service List table: Modify SOA and Remove Records.

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