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YUM Updater

BlueOnyx > Software Updates > YUM Updater

YUM is the updater that BlueOnyx uses to keep the OS and the GUI up to<br>date. You can run YUM from the command line (see 'man yum'). Or you can run it fully automated as a daily cronjob. That functionality can be enabled or disabled here.

Available Updates

  • Check for Updates: Poll the YUM repositories for available updates. This may take a moment or two.
  • Update System: Run yum update right now to download and install all pending patches.

If updates are available and waiting to be installed, they will be listed here.


  • Auto-Update enabled: You can enable YUM to automatically download and install all updates. By enabling it and checking all weekdays it'll run daily. If you want to run it once per week on Mondays, just check Monday instead.
  • Exclude these RPMS: Exclude the RPMS listed here from being updated. Add the RPM Name, but leave off the version information. Only one entry per line.
  • Enable email notifications: If enabled YUM will email you the transaction logfile of the performed update.
  • Email address: The default email address to which YUM will send the notifications is of course 'admin'. But you can specify a different email address here if desired.
  • Update time: Allows you to specify at which hour and minute the YUM update is supposed to run. It will only run on the days selected below, though.


  • yum.log: This page lets you review your YUM logfile, into which all transactions of YUM are logged. The logfile is located at /var/log/yum.log
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