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Server Administrators

Add New Server Administrator

Create a new administrative user and give that user privileges to manage various aspects of the server.

User Information

Basic user information.

Full Name

The full name of the user.

User Name

Enter the user name for the new server administrator.


Enter the user's password.

Maximum Allowed Disk Space

Enter the maximum amount of disk space that this user should be allowed to use on the server. Leave the field blank to give the user access to an unlimited amount of disk space.

Enable Shell Access

Enable shell access to allow the creation of users who can connect to the server using services such as Telnet and SSH.

Virtual Site Administration

Set limits to the new administrator's virtual site privileges. It is possible to create an administrator who has administrative privileges over multiple virtual sites. This is useful if you have a single customer or webmaster who is in charge of managing multiple sites. As a server administrator with access to multiple sites, that user will be able to utilize a single login to access any of the sites under their control.

Maximum Disk Quota

Maximum amount of disk quota that may be shared by all virtual sites associated to this administrator might have.

Number of Sites

Maximum number of virtual sites that this administrator is allowed to create and manage.

Maximum Users

The maximum number of users that this administrator can be create on this server.

Additional Access Rights

This allows restoration of certain abilities to a server administrator that are normally reserved for the “admin” user alone. Move extra abilities that this server administrator account should be allowed from the Available Abilities column.

Virtual Site Management: Additional rights

If a user has Virtual Site Management rights, he can create and manage virtual sites. Sites can use certain features such as PHP, suPHP, MySQL and so on. However, you might not want to grant access and usability of certain features. The “Additional Rights” section allows the server administrator to manage these privileges as needed.

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