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 +====Personal Profile====
 +[[userguide:​start|BlueOnyx]] > [[userguide:​personalprofile:​|Personal Profile]] > Account
 +In the Account section, you can change the full name, select a language and change your password.
 +==Account Settings for admin==
 +  * **Full Name**: Enter the full name of the user. Please enter any characters except colons. For example, John Doe is a valid entry.
 +  * **Language Preference**:​ The server will try to display pages in the preferred language you select here. If you select 'Set From Browser Options',​ the server will try to display pages based on your web browser'​s language preferences. If the language you select is unavailable,​ the server will display pages using the default language that is available to your server.
 +  * **New Password**: Enter the password to be used by the system to identify this user. The password should be between 6 and 24 characters long. A good password should contain at least 6 characters with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and punctuation. It should not spell out any words found in the dictionary. Passwords are case sensitive.
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