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Bug Report

BlueOnyx > Software Updates > Support > Bug Report

Allows you to submit a Bugreport to BlueOnyx. Please use this to report problems with and deficiencies of the BlueOnyx GUI.

  • Your Name: Please enter your name here. It will be used on the support email to identify who is sending the email.
  • Your Email: Email address that is used for the support request. If the server is linked via NewLinQ, then this will default to the email address that has been used to register this server with NewLinQ.
  • Recipient Name: Name of the recipient of the bugreport.
  • Recipient Email Address: Email address of the Bugtracker.
  • Subject: Please enter a descriptive subject that best describes the problem that you are reporting.
  • Server Model: Shows the model of the server and the build version. This is included in bugreports and tickets.
  • Severity:
    • Extremely Important
      • Catastrophic issues which severely impact the mission-critical operations of an organization. This may mean that the operational servers, development systems or customer applications are down or not functioning and no procedural workaround exists.
    • Very Important
      • High-impact issues in which the customers operation is disrupted, but there is some capacity to produce.
    • Average importance
      • Partial non-critical functionality loss, or issues which impair some operations but allow the customer to perform their critical tasks. This may be a minor issue with limited loss or no loss of functionality and limited impact to the customers functionality.
    • Not very important
      • General usage questions, recommendations for product enhancement, or development work.
  • Bug URL: If the bug happened on a particular GUI page, then please include the URL of the page where this happened. Example: /vsite/addVsite
  • Include SOS-Report: Allows you to include the SOS-Report in your bugreport. In this case the external URL to the SOS-Report will be included in the bugreport email, so that the BlueOnyx developers can access it. You hereby grant your permission for to access the SOS-Report for troubleshooting.
  • Description: Please enter a detailed description of the problem you encountered. Also please include any other information which might be of relevance or any error message that you did encounter. Please be specific and please be detailed. 'Doesn't work' isn't a bugreport that we can work with.

Click “Save” to save (send) the bugreport to the receiving authority.

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