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 +[[userguide:​start|BlueOnyx]] > [[userguide:​sitemanagement|Site Management]] > Services > Email
 +This menu item is used to configure email options for a virtual site.  Click here to configure email options such as site aliases.
 +  * **Disable Email for Domain**: This will disables the ability for the domain to receive emails ​
 +  * **Email Server Aliases**: Enter additional host or domain names for which this virtual site should accept email [SMTP port 25] connections. Separate multiple entries with commas or spaces. Example:,​
 +  * **Catch-All Email Addresses**:​ Specify an email address to receive messages that are addressed to unknown users and mailing lists. If left blank, email addressed to unknown users or mailing lists will not be accepted. If the specified address does not exist, mail to unknown users and mailing lists may be rejected just as if no address was specified. ​
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