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 +====Web Ownership====
 +[[userguide:​start|BlueOnyx]] > [[userguide:​sitemanagement|Site Management]] > Services > Web Ownership
 +This menu entry allows you to change the ownership of the /web folder of your site (and all files and folders within!). It allows you to choose a siteAdmin as owner, which is particulary important if you have suPHP enabled. If suPHP is enabled and you don't have a siteAdmin as owner of your /web folder, then PHP scripts of your site will not run.
 +==SiteAdmin that owns /web==
 +If suPHP is enabled, then this field must be set to an existing siteAdmin of this site, or your PHP scripts wont run. Even if you dont have suPHP enabled: If you choose an owner from the list of siteAdmins, then the /web directory of your site will be chowned recursively to the UID of the selected user. Means: All files and folders in /web will afterwards be owned by the selected user. 
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