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 +====Dynamic DNS====
 +[[userguide:​servermanagement|Server Management]] > [[userguide:​servermanagement:​networkservices|Network Services]] > Dynamic DNS
 +DNS (Domain Name System) is the system by which hostnames and domain names are resolved to IP addresses and other critical domain-based infrastructure is defined. ​ In order for domain-based services to function properly, it is critical to have a properly configured DNS server.
 +BlueOnyx utilizes the world'​s most widely used DNS server software known as [[http://​​downloads/​bind/​|BIND]]. ​ The BlueOnyx GUI includes a management interface to bring simplicity and ease-of-use to this highly-complex system.
 +This '​Dynamic DNS' GUI page allows you to enable the Dynamic DNS API and to select certain domains that you have DNS records for to be under Dynamic DNS management.
 +When the checkbox '​Enable DDNS API' is ticked and the API URL /​ddns/​ddnsapi on your BlueOnyx is accessed via HTTPS GET or POST request, then the API will note down the IP of the device that called the URL and will update the IPv4 IP Address of the DNS A Records that are under the Dynamic DNS management. Those DNS A Records will then be set to the same IP address as the device that called the API URL.
 +The API URL /​ddns/​ddnsapi is password protected and can only be successfully accessed if the username (variable: '​un'​) and the password (variable '​pw'​) of a server administrator with the permissions '​Server DNS Administrator'​ are used.
 +A sample of a DDNS Client is included with this module and can be found on the file system of your BlueOnyx at the location /​usr/​sausalito/​sbin/​
 +Detailed installation and usage instructions can be found here [[https://​​pipermail/​blueonyx/​2021-September/​062176.html|here]]. These instructions are valid for both BlueOnyx 5209R and BlueOnyx 5210R.
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